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About Whitelion Bail Out

The Bail Out is Whitelion’s national fundraising and awareness campaign. Bail Out provides a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a young person that has been disconnected from our community due to abuse and neglect, drug addiction and poverty.

To get involved, participants (known as ’inmates’) are required to ’register’ online and ’raise’ bail to secure their ’release’.

The minimum bail target that inmates must raise to participate in the official Bail Out events in Hobart, Sydney, and Melbourne is set at $1,000.

The Bail Out events expose inmates to life on the inside with activities that simulate prison life. Inmates will be stripped of possessions, fingerprinted, photographed and subjected to interrogation. Inmates will witness a mock court proceeding before being sentenced to some cell time.

Alternatively, if you can’t make the Bail Out Events we encourage you to register and host your own ’break out’ party to raise money for Whitelion. This could include raising funds in your office or at home.


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Phone Numbers.

Phone: 1300 669 600
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