Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

Here are some suggestions on how you can encourage your sponsors to donate to help you to secure your release!

  • Host a break-out party!
  • Register to host your own ’Break-Out’ event - it’s a simple, fun, easy way to raise money and awareness.
  • Your ’Break-Out’ can be as big or small as you like and you can host your event absolutely anywhere - in your office, at home, school or with your local community group.
  • Have an office BBQ 
  • Raffle
  • Bake-off

Contact Whitelion for letters of authorisation and fundraising materials. Fundraising efforts will only be limited by your imagination!

Online appeals to your networks

Simply click the "view profile" button on the inmate line up page and use the "inmate login" function to login to your account. Once logged in you have two online features to use:

’Nominate a Friend’ feature to assist inmates who wish to approach their friends or foes to join them on the night.

’Request Bail Donation’ button to request supporter to donate to their fundraising bail. Simply enter the email addresses of the persons you would like to send the request to. They will receive the below email or alternatively you could simply copy and paste the below text into a new email - but don’t forget to include a link to your inmate profile.

In person

Use the following dialogue when talking to prospective sponsors:

"As a supporter of Whitelion, I am participating in their major annual fundraising campaign, ’Bail Out’, where I have been virtually locked up and have to fundraise bail to secure my release. I am required to raise money to bail myself out and I am seeking donations to help me reach my bail target."

  • Tell prospective sponsors about the work of Whitelion and how they support young people
  • suggest a dollar amount
  • remind prospective sponsors that donations are tax deductible and they will be able to claim any donation as a deduction.
  • encourage people to make their donation online so they can receive a tax deductible receipt immediately.

For those who wish to pay you directly, please use the documents in your Inmate Registration Pack.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your fundraising efforts. Not only is it quick and easy to use, it reaches out to a large audience. #WLBailOut


Twitter is a quick and easy way to contact your friends and let them know about your fundraising. It’s a good idea to ask people to sponsor you with a personal message like an email, but Twitter is a great way to send out updates and reminders.

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Use your Facebook page to tell your friends about your fundraising and ask them to sponsor you. Share photos and videos of your preparation for the event.

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Use YouTube to keep a video diary of your fundraising or make a film telling people why they should sponsor you. It’s a fun way to promote your fundraising and keep people interested in what you’re doing.


Blogging can help keep people interested in your fundraising. You can chart your event preparation and donations to date.

Remember to share a link to your inmate profile where people can sponsor you. If they know you’re nearing your fundraising target, they might even be inspired to sponsor you twice!

Do you have additional fundraising tips that we could share?

If you have any other ideas to help other Whitelion Bail Out Inmates to raise funds, please share them by emailing

What happens if i don’t raise my bail in time?

Donations to the website will be open until the end of June so you will have extra time to raise your bail.