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Bail Raised $13650
Target Bail $15000
Watt, Mark (AKA Bomber)


To raise much needed funds for Whitelion so that we can support more disadvantaged youth at risk in our community.

$1000.00 received from Grant Frisken on 28-May-17I see you still haven't made bail. Hopefully this will help

$250.00 received from john Henderson on 26-May-17Good luck Mark

$250.00 received from on 26-May-17Well done mate!

$100.00 received from Paul Brasher on 24-May-17Let's get you out and away from all those Collingwood supporters!

$50.00 received from Kenny Loke on 23-May-17Good luck Mark!

$150.00 received from Robert Lang on 23-May-17

$500.00 received from Peter WIlson on 23-May-17Mark, Keep up the good work.

$250.00 received from Geraldine Leslie on 22-May-17Best wishes to the Godfather in reaching your bail!

$20.00 received from Jane Nolan on 18-May-17Go Mark! Hope you reach your target soon & the event goes super well. Cheers, Jane

$200.00 received from David Bell on 18-May-17Hope you are out in time to watch the Bombers on the Saturday

$100.00 received from Ariel Hersh on 17-May-17FANTASTIC CAUSE!

$100.00 received from LeadWest on 16-May-17Whitelion does great work in Melbourne's west; much appreciated

$50.00 received from Tim Lang on 11-May-17Nice work Mark! Best of luck for the event!

$100.00 received from Nev Bray on 11-May-17Good work Mark.

$100.00 received from Doron Lavan on 10-May-17Great stuff Mark!

$500.00 received from George Benney on 09-May-17Congrats on a great event and for the incredible dedication to people in need that you and your team demonstrate on a daily basis.

$100.00 received from john henderson on 09-May-17good luck Mark!

$100.00 received from Willem Pruys on 08-May-17Keep up the good work Mark !!

$250.00 received from LEXUS TRAVEL on 05-May-17Good luck Bomber!!!

$100.00 received from Rachel Robertson on 05-May-17Happy Birthday ;-)

$50.00 received from Neil MacLaren on 05-May-17

$100.00 received from Michael King on 05-May-17Great work Mark.

$50.00 received from Richard Beaumont on 05-May-17At this rate Mark, they should keep you locked up - to earn more money!

$100.00 received from Natasha Painter on 05-May-17

$1000.00 received from Paul Wheelton AM on 05-May-17Great work Mark.

$50.00 received from Karen Costello on 04-May-17

$10.00 received from Paul Jawa on 04-May-17Keep the faith Bro :-)

$50.00 received from Digby Hannah on 04-May-17

$100.00 received from Slade Group on 04-May-17

$500.00 received from David Tucker on 03-May-17

$200.00 received from David Christian on 03-May-17The great work that Whitelion does is never far from my thoughts. Keep it up Mark and all the best for a successful Bailout campaign and 2017.

$500.00 received from John Turner on 27-Apr-17

$400.00 received from Emma Needham on 26-Apr-17Congratulations and thank you for the amazing impact you're having on the world Mark!

$20.00 received from Janine D'Angelo on 22-Apr-17

$100.00 received from Jim Millar on 22-Apr-17

$5000.00 received from Anonymous on 21-Apr-17

$1000.00 received from Peter Gunn on 21-Apr-17Keep up the amazing work Mark

$50.00 received from Karen Files on 30-Mar-17Keep up the great work!

$100.00 received from Bec Swanton on 04-Mar-17Go Mark!! I wanna bail you out so you can continue the wonderful work you do!

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