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Bail Raised $11765
Target Bail $2000
Dixon, Mike (AKA MAD MICK)


Supporting those with limited life opportunities help get ahead in life Supporting initiatives which truly help close the gap for Aboriginal disadvantage

$10000.00 received from Law Society of Western Australia on 01-Jun-17

$20.00 received from Anonymous on 28-Apr-17You could probably do a lot of good for those on the inside too Mike! I think it's still better having you on the outside though....

$20.00 received from Dean Finlay on 27-Apr-17You look like someone out of the Sons of Anarchy - Scary!

$50.00 received from Ben Rose on 27-Apr-17Love the photo. Sorry I couldn't make it this year. Next time!!

$100.00 received from Robin McClellan on 26-Apr-17

$50.00 received from Neil Humphries on 24-Apr-17

$40.00 received from Anonymous on 24-Apr-17

$50.00 received from Margot Matthews on 24-Apr-17

$100.00 received from Rob Duncanson on 24-Apr-17

$25.00 received from Anonymous on 24-Apr-17

$50.00 received from Carolyn Brooks on 24-Apr-17I can't believe your in the slammer again!!!!! Good Luck from Cazza and Scooby

$20.00 received from Jeff Murray on 23-Apr-17Enjoy your time inside Mike. Make sure you contemplate your future whilst locked away for when are finally released.

$50.00 received from Michael Chiera on 23-Apr-17

$40.00 received from Anonymous on 22-Apr-17I can`t believe you are in there again Mike, please try harder this year , we will pray for you. :) All The best Hon, we hope all is well with you God Bless love John and Valmae xo

$50.00 received from Marcus Arundale on 21-Apr-17Cheers for the invite, but I don't associate with your type anymore!

$50.00 received from Luke Johnson on 20-Apr-17Surprised this hasn't happened sooner!

$50.00 received from Jacqui Herring on 11-Mar-17

$500.00 received from Craig & Vanessa to be confirmed on 07-Mar-17This is NOT your get out of jail free card... you have done the crime, now enjoy your time! This IS a life worth fighting for, don't sell yourself short! Smack 'em in the head with a Barramundi

$500.00 received from Anonymous on 06-Mar-17

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