Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $1350
Target Bail $1500
Dorward, Alistair (AKA AL )
Life Sentence

Altara Group Pty Ltd

To help raise funds for this fantastic organisation.

$200.00 received from Sharp Airlines on 20-Jul-17

$20.00 received from Bruch Brown on 26-May-17About time they caught up with you!!

$100.00 received from John Dorward on 10-May-17I thought they had thrown away the key! Well done Son!

$100.00 received from Karon Hughes on 02-May-17Not sure I'm happy about donating the final amount to get you out of jail however it is such a great cause!

$50.00 received from Connie Beninati on 02-May-17

$40.00 received from Emily Taylor on 01-May-17Best of Luck Al!

$20.00 received from Rebecca Santiago on 01-May-17

$20.00 received from Susan Loughnan on 01-May-17Good on you Al.

$50.00 received from Heather Brown on 01-May-17

$100.00 received from Greg Shaw on 01-May-17

$70.00 received from Bridie Mclennan on 28-Apr-17

$100.00 received from Leonie Keynes on 23-Apr-17Finally Al, you are going inside !! Well done and I am pleased you are doing Bail Out. Shame I am not with you.

$20.00 received from Margot Toll on 31-Mar-17

$100.00 received from Simon Vallence on 30-Mar-17Well done mate.

$100.00 received from Zoe Palandri on 27-Mar-17Of course it's tempting to leave you in there!! Good on you - great cause. Zoe

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 27-Mar-17

$100.00 received from Sian Lowe on 24-Mar-17

$10.00 received from Olivia O'Shea on 24-Mar-17Good luck and i hope you get out of there!

$50.00 received from Ben King on 24-Mar-17Great work Al.

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