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Bail Raised $1051
Target Bail $1000
Schwenke, Phil (AKA Swivel)

giving back to help the next generation

$101.00 received from John Salagiannis on 02-May-17

$100.00 received from Tom Davos on 01-May-17

$50.00 received from Piula Enoka on 27-Apr-17Dont drop the soap ????

$150.00 received from Fast Lane joinery pty ltd on 26-Apr-17Suga suga

$200.00 received from Kirsty Finch on 26-Apr-17So if you don't make bail, you'll have no choice but to stay in there? Hmmmm. Kidding. Great cause!!

$250.00 received from Tofi Taafua on 23-Apr-17Keep up the good work for our youth, bro!

$100.00 received from Jamie Lobina on 21-Apr-17Good luck with supporting such a great cause, see you on the night.

$100.00 received from Ron Townsend on 06-Apr-17Proud of you, hope you make bail. Ron & Karlie

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