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Bail Raised $1000
Target Bail $1000
Witt, Andrea (AKA Andi)

CatholicCare Tasmania

i was nominated by a work colleague (revenge was I nominated him right back!!!) Although nominated I am so happy to have the opportunity to do my best to support white lion through trying to raise bail. Having worked with youth for many years I have seen the amazing work whitelion does with young vulnerable people and know that the work they do really does make a difference. Please walk along side me and support whitelion either by registering to participate in this years bailout or providing a donation of what ever you can afford Thank you Andi

$80.00 received from Anonymous on 02-Jun-17

$170.00 received from Bradley van de Kamp on 01-Jun-17

$20.00 received from Anne Matuszek on 26-May-17

$5.00 received from Sarah Strugnell on 26-May-17

$25.00 received from Belinda Clarke on 25-May-17I cant see you lasting behind bars!

$30.00 received from Anonymous on 25-May-17You would go mad in Solitary....

$20.00 received from Anonymous on 24-May-17

$50.00 received from Kevin Preen on 23-May-17

$40.00 received from Teresa Whyte on 23-May-17Go Andy!

$30.00 received from Jacinta Atkins on 21-May-17

$20.00 received from Patsy Hodges on 21-May-17

$30.00 received from Margaret Donaghy on 21-May-17Because we need you at work!!

$20.00 received from Denise Leonard on 04-May-17hmmm, I suspect many offences have gone unseen. but as I don't support incarceration here is my donation.

$40.00 received from Anonymous on 04-May-17

$50.00 received from Andrew Witt on 04-May-17Can't let my sister go to jail.

$100.00 received from Elizabeth Witt on 04-May-17Good on you.

$50.00 received from Belinda Jones on 04-May-17

$20.00 received from Rachel Delaney on 04-May-17

$20.00 received from Gab TRC on 04-May-17

$50.00 received from Pattie Chugg on 24-Mar-17Go Andy ????

$100.00 received from Skye Fraser on 20-Mar-17Well done Andi for your life's work supporting young people.

$30.00 received from Marianne Curran on 07-Mar-17I'll send you a cake with a file if you don't make bail

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