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Bail Raised $750
Target Bail $1000
Waite, Andy (AKA The Wheels)

I'm the Goal Keeper for the Western Sydney Wanderers FC Powerchair Team. A few years ago I had a player appearance at a football tournament for disadvantaged and troubled youths. It was great to see and hear how these guys were receiving the help they needed to really turn their lives around. So after a few years I've decided to take the plunge and give the Whitelion Bail Out a go and hopefully I can help raise some funds to help more kids in need.

$300.00 received from Anonymous on 05-May-17

$50.00 received from Andrew Williams on 04-May-17

$80.00 received from Anonymous on 04-May-17If you drop the soap don't pick it up just get a new one.

$5.00 received from Dave Hodgson on 04-May-17

$20.00 received from Tina Meers on 04-May-17Great cause! Go Andy!

$5.00 received from Anonymous on 03-May-17Sorry the bail moneys so low. I just had to resign from my job. I'll try to see if I can at least spread the word somehow.

$50.00 received from Mike & Amanda Foxall on 02-May-17How much to leave you in there?? :-)

$50.00 received from Lesley Waite on 21-Apr-17Stay strong

$50.00 received from Jess Waterlow on 21-Apr-17I hope they keep you in there you hooligan

$20.00 received from Joshila Chand on 11-Apr-17Good luck Andy!!

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 12-Mar-17make sure you got the RBB style face mask!

$20.00 received from Judith O'Brien on 12-Mar-17You can't stay in gaol, Andy, we need you on the team.

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