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Bail Raised $825
Target Bail $1000
Bendeich, Craig (AKA White Diamond)


To support youth at risk find their courage and create a better environment for all living things in our community.

$50.00 received from Carmel Ward on 28-Apr-17Thanks for your help with YOTY. Love the work of Whitelion WA.

$100.00 received from Robin McClellan on 26-Apr-17

$100.00 received from Andrew Davy on 19-Apr-17Craig - can't let you get stuck in there....! Great work. Andy

$75.00 received from Brenda Lowe on 06-Apr-17Craig, sorry I can't go to prison with you this year but please accept my donation to support the great work that you and the team at White Lion do every day to help improve young peoples lives.

$500.00 received from Anonymous on 05-Apr-17Good on you Mr Mystery Man. 1 of a kind. Stay Solid!

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