Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $1850
Target Bail $2000
Lim, Junies (AKA Triple F)
The Fleet Team (Captain)

National Fleet Australia Group

We hack the bad system and we donate to help.We took the risk to give the youth at risk with a second chance.Whitelion actively promotes the importance of equality, empowerment and inclusion of all peoples through its practice, people and programs. Whitelion recognises the importance for an inclusive and open culture where diversity is valued, respected and celebrated. Discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying is not only unacceptable, but unlawful according to key legislation.

$100.00 received from The Australian Business Executive on 27-May-17Gangsta.

$100.00 received from Michael Neal on 26-May-17Can't survive without my lovely wife!!! Will also send a cake with a shank.. cake might have a few bites out of it... but I assure u it wasn't me.

$100.00 received from mcseafoods[vic]p/l on 26-May-17

$500.00 received from Anonymous on 26-May-17

$50.00 received from Anonymous on 26-May-17We prefer you stay in there

$100.00 received from Shane De gelder on 26-May-17Looks like a hard criminal

$100.00 received from Lily Ong on 25-May-17

$100.00 received from Effie Nicol on 24-May-17Good luck Junies and the rest of the gang

$200.00 received from Yarra Valley Toyota on 20-May-17Have fun! Great to see you supporting such a good cause.

$100.00 received from Mark Johnson on 17-May-17Good luck Junies!!! From MJ.

$100.00 received from Jon Moodie on 15-May-17

$100.00 received from Dhiren Shah on 15-May-17

$100.00 received from on 05-May-17if you past Go don't forget to collect $200!

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 29-Apr-17

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