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Bail Raised $1435
Target Bail $1000
Evans, Jon (AKA Fast fingers)
The Enablis Rascals (Captain)

Enablis Pty Ltd

As a gang where every member comes from differing international origins -we have all seen and experienced people who did not have the good fortune to be brought up in caring and loving families or surroundings. We want to help those that did not have this privilege and give them support to break the often vicious cycle - and help them reconnect with their community, friends and families.

$100.00 received from The Lamson Group on 05-May-17Congratulations to Jon and team for this great initiative!

$100.00 received from Sandler Training on 02-May-17Good luck team on getting all of your team members out!! From the Team at Sandler Training!

$200.00 received from The Loyalty Zone on 28-Apr-17Great cause

$20.00 received from Korrine Jones on 25-Apr-17

$500.00 received from Rackspace on 20-Apr-17On behalf of Rackspace Australia we are extremely happy to contribute to this cause. Keep up the good work and thank you for supporting those young people disadvantaged in our society.

$50.00 received from Luke Dynan on 11-Apr-17Feels good to be back behind bars Jon? Good job mate!

$50.00 received from Chris Downes on 08-Apr-17Note sure this will be enough based on your record.....

$25.00 received from Iain Summers on 03-Apr-17Good on you Jon, glad all of the Enablis Rascals are not from Operations!

$100.00 received from Launch Recruitment on 31-Mar-17Amazing cause, hope you get out safely!

$50.00 received from Glen Gibson on 31-Mar-17I think fifty lashes might also be fitting!

$20.00 received from Rick Pardon on 31-Mar-17....don't pick up the soap if it drops on the floor .. ;)

$50.00 received from Erin Kelly on 31-Mar-17

$20.00 received from Tare Wright on 30-Mar-17If they don't let you out I have dibs on your Microsoft Surface ;)

$50.00 received from Christine Archer on 30-Mar-17We Rock...:)

$100.00 received from Jon Evans on 23-Mar-17Starter for many........

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