Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $1100
Target Bail $1000
Newton, Jason (AKA The Silencer)
Hume Cribs (Captain)

Hume Community Housing

We are returning for another year to raise more funds and promote this great cause. We support the amazing work Whitelion does offering at risk youth access to support services, mentoring and job services. The work they do is invaluable to our communities. As a community housing provider, we house some of the most vulnerable people in our society. It is great so others doing their part providing them opportunities to excel and reach their full potential. Our goal this year is to raise another $10k. See ya in the inside.

$50.00 received from Chris Futcher-Coles on 10-May-17The silencer eh???

$50.00 received from Katarina and Sedina Liddle and Hukara on 05-May-17Hi Jason, I hope you had fun in the slammer, let's get you out quickly...

$35.00 received from Karen Norris on 05-May-17Congrats you are now at your target

$25.00 received from Joanne Mitchell on 05-May-17

$20.00 received from SARITHYA TUY on 05-May-17

$10.00 received from Jaime Williamson on 05-May-17

$10.00 received from Gemma Ruting on 04-May-17Great cause! I would donate more if I hadn't spent most of the last 8 months as an unemployed thru-hiker living out of a tent haha. Hope you make your target.

$69.00 received from Anonymous on 04-May-17

$200.00 received from Loukas Voniatis on 04-May-17Never pick up the soap. Do not pick it up. just let it go its not worth it.

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 02-May-17“Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye,” Optimus Prime.

$20.00 received from Chantelle Woolridge on 28-Apr-17Bribing you for lunch time company. Sorry about ur kebabs

$55.00 received from alison ora on 27-Apr-17Stay out of trouble!

$50.00 received from Anonymous on 21-Apr-17Oyyy yoy yoy ou yoy yoy yoy have fun in luck up Jason ????????

$50.00 received from Alex Stefan on 20-Apr-17You're an excellent specimen of a human being Jason Newton!

$50.00 received from Greg Bartlett on 20-Apr-17

$30.00 received from Anonymous on 20-Apr-17

$100.00 received from Brooks Community Consultants on 19-Apr-17Good luck Jason, White Lion is a great organisation with real passion.

$50.00 received from Anonymous on 18-Apr-17Good luck and keep your mouth closed. Love mom and dad

$25.00 received from Kim Cearns on 07-Apr-17Best of luck!

$51.00 received from Stacy Edmondson on 07-Apr-17

$50.00 received from Glenda Roberts on 31-Mar-17When you here a noise in the middle of night look on the floor for rats.

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