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Gang Bail Raised $11,864
Gang Target $11,000
Hume Cribs
Hume Community Housing

We are returning for another year to raise more funds and promote this great cause. We support the amazing work Whitelion does offering at risk youth access to support services, mentoring and job services. The work they do is invaluable to our communities. As a community housing provider, we house some of the most vulnerable people in our society. It is great so others doing their part providing them opportunities to excel and reach their full potential. Our goal this year is to raise another $10k. See ya in the inside.

Gang Members

Account, Team


Gutierrez, Rodrigo

(AKA El Patron)


Maree, Chantelle

(AKA ChanFlooze)


Newton, Jason

(AKA The Silencer)


Whiting, Poppy



Maher, Amanda


Quan, Jason

(AKA Scrubby)


Safar, Diane

(AKA Dee)


Mamo, Alexandria

(AKA King Pookie)


Chamberlain, Adam


Risby, Natalie

(AKA The Red Devil)

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