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Bail Raised $1220
Target Bail $1000
Fisher, Paul (AKA Fish)
The Adland Gang (Captain)


UnLtd is the media, marketing & advertising industry's foundation and we're sending some of the biggest personalities in 'adland' behind bars to raise funds and awareness of the fantastic work White Lion does. We aim to raise at least $10,000 so please bail us out!

$50.00 received from Richard Davies on 02-May-17You get what you deserve, Fisher. Great cause.

$20.00 received from Ainslie Levens on 02-May-17I still think you need to tough it out!!!

$50.00 received from Nic Jones on 02-May-17I'm prepared to up the ante if you keep him longer!

$200.00 received from PRDnationwide Real Estate & Project Marketing on 02-May-17Hi Paul, your are doing great work for the greatest cause - Australian Youth. Helping the youth with the creation of support and opportunities is a noble cause. Enjoy the night mate.

$50.00 received from Mitch Waters on 02-May-17Good luck mate

$200.00 received from Peter Scrine on 01-May-17I would have paid more if they would have kept you!

$50.00 received from Einsteinz Communications on 01-May-17No doubt you'll blag your way out early. Have fun!

$50.00 received from Simon Hopkins on 26-Apr-17I'd hate to think what my happen if you stayed in! Great Cause, Good Luck Fishy to you an the inmates.

$50.00 received from GREG TREMAIN on 19-Apr-17Actually surprised that this is the first time you've needed bailing out! Hope you get to the target (or perhaps pack a shovel!)

$50.00 received from Pete Harrington on 12-Apr-17Awesome work inmates!

$25.00 received from Philip Bourne on 11-Apr-17Bread & water only

$25.00 received from Jodie Koning on 11-Apr-17Good luck Fishy!

$100.00 received from Mark Jones - Your Digital Solution on 11-Apr-17I will help you get out, but only if you drop in for a beer while on the run...

$50.00 received from GRAHAM CHRISTIE on 10-Apr-17Good on ya Fish! Yellow is not your colour btw.

$50.00 received from andrew ward on 10-Apr-17

$50.00 received from chris parker on 06-Apr-17

$100.00 received from Zoe Fisher on 05-Apr-17We'll miss you while you're in jail!! Be a good inmate. Zoe, Lucas and Flynnie :)

$50.00 received from Anonymous on 05-Apr-17

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