Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $1500
Target Bail $1000
Porter, Karen (AKA Motor Mouth)

Underground Communications

To support Whitelion in their mission of giving young people the courage to choose a better future!

$25.00 received from Sharon Waddell on 05-May-17A great cause Karen

$100.00 received from Sebastiaan De Jonge on 05-May-17"Motor Mouth", roflmao.....

$50.00 received from LOCKE pty ltd on 05-May-17All the wrong people get locked up. Glad we can get you out - great initiative.

$155.00 received from Mark Maxwell on 05-May-17Nice mugshot Karen - career crim? hehe

$100.00 received from Factory One on 05-May-17Have fun in solitary! x

$50.00 received from David pritchard on 05-May-17be careful in the showers...

$25.00 received from Sarah Watson on 05-May-17I thought you didn't like camping?

$100.00 received from CMPartners on 05-May-17Think warm thoughts when they put the fire hose on you

$50.00 received from Michael Lowit on 05-May-17Good work.

$50.00 received from George Karayannopoulos on 04-May-17

$50.00 received from Maria Di gregorio on 04-May-17Great work Karen!

$50.00 received from Calla Property on 04-May-17Good luck and take money for wine bribery

$25.00 received from 5 Stitches Invitations & Cards on 04-May-17You are awesome KP

$25.00 received from Cable & Cloud on 04-May-17

$25.00 received from ETSI CONSULTING PTY LTD on 04-May-17Well done KP

$50.00 received from GBS Commercial Cleaning on 04-May-17Goodonya Karen.

$25.00 received from Tom Etherington on 04-May-17Get out quick. Village Life needs you...

$30.00 received from Whiteclick Pty Ltd on 04-May-17

$50.00 received from Moneyclip Private Wealth on 04-May-17

$50.00 received from Strachan Taylor on 04-May-17I'll send you a rock hammer and a 20 year subscription to geology for dummies

$50.00 received from Ruth Walsh on 04-May-17

$50.00 received from Skeen Property Buyers Agents on 04-May-17No brawling in the yard please. Don't shower alone and look out for that Convict Dan Bligh :)

$40.00 received from Andrew Glubb on 04-May-17What have you done this time?

$50.00 received from Marsdens Law Group on 04-May-17"Don't drop the soap". Kelvin Ong, you sound like one of my clients.

$150.00 received from Zeno IT Pty Ltd on 04-May-17Will be thinking of you on the night with a movie, wine and popcorn

$50.00 received from Kelvin Ong on 04-May-17Don't drop the soap... oh no, that's for us guys...

$25.00 received from Bounce Matters on 27-Apr-17Motor Mouth Porter - do NOT let that tongue of yours get you in more trouble or they won't let you come home!

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