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Bail Raised $1250
Target Bail $1000
Bayman, Roley (AKA Roley)


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$100.00 received from Roley Bayman on 19-May-17From Noel

$100.00 received from Nick Trahanas on 01-May-17Speedy release!!

$50.00 received from Roley Bayman on 27-Apr-17

$20.00 received from selena martin on 27-Apr-17Hope you are out soon, good luck

$50.00 received from Sarah Janali on 27-Apr-17Good on you Roley - happy to support a great cause!

$20.00 received from Patrick Ryder on 27-Apr-17I take it this is your holiday, so I guess you won't be needing long service leave now...

$50.00 received from Alena Walia on 27-Apr-17I hope you will enjoy your freedom soon

$25.00 received from Anonymous on 26-Apr-17

$20.00 received from Agatha Schroeder on 26-Apr-17It's amazing what people will do just to get out of the office :)

$20.00 received from Kharan Olsen on 26-Apr-17Good Luck

$20.00 received from Michele Lose on 24-Apr-17Are you taking in a nail file in a cake in case you don't make bail?

$20.00 received from Peter Tulip on 24-Apr-17Please ensure he has no special treatment, especially in the showers with the rest of the inmates.

$20.00 received from Kelly Van Maanen on 24-Apr-17

$25.00 received from Jackie Hall on 24-Apr-17Good luck!

$30.00 received from Caroline Speirs on 24-Apr-17We'll all get our leave requests while the coast is clear!!!

$20.00 received from Belynda Ball on 24-Apr-17Good Luck Roley :)

$30.00 received from Virginia Cooper on 24-Apr-17Hope you find your peace whilst in there!

$20.00 received from CINJO KALIPARAMBIL RAGHAVAN on 24-Apr-17Hopefully I see you Friday

$25.00 received from Paul Dallimore on 21-Apr-17Looking forward to enforcing the bail conditions!

$25.00 received from Ashley Sakala on 21-Apr-17Go Roley!

$25.00 received from Glenn Mace on 20-Apr-17

$25.00 received from Anonymous on 20-Apr-17Good to see the riff-raff are being kept off the streets! Good luck with your bail!

$25.00 received from Lauren Marsh on 20-Apr-17Look on the bright side Roley - 150 years ago you would have been transported. Not that you are guilty of course!

$20.00 received from Piers Yates-Round on 19-Apr-17Can you make him 'slop out' in the morning!

$20.00 received from Eduardo Farate on 19-Apr-17Hi Roley Hope you stay out of trouble following your release :0) Cheers Eduardo

$50.00 received from Clara Kirika on 19-Apr-17Can I do an AI after your release???? that is if you are released!!! cheers.

$200.00 received from Anonymous on 19-Apr-17Good luck. I hope you get out :)

$5.00 received from Peter Stone on 19-Apr-17Ayyye! put his head on the chopping block and use it for lawn bowls LOL!

$25.00 received from Helen McFarland on 19-Apr-17Hope its not too cold!

$25.00 received from Vanna Williams on 19-Apr-17Good way to spend your LSL

$20.00 received from Peter Bayman on 19-Apr-17I will represent you if you plead guilty to the charges and throw yourself upon the mercy of the Court. With your record you will do time but it should be too long.

$20.00 received from Colin Bayman on 19-Apr-17Keep him locked up.

$100.00 received from Roley Bayman on 19-Apr-17I did not do it! It's a simple misunderstanding!

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