Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $630
Target Bail $1000
Mcgaw, Alana (AKA Lanz)
MiXED BAG (Captain)

This mixed bag come from all walks of life and would like to help contribute to a great cause.

$100.00 received from Cherie Allsopp on 06-May-17Much love Cherie xx

$20.00 received from Rebecca van Aalst on 27-Apr-17Hey Lanz, All the best for tonight! xo

$100.00 received from Gavin McGaw on 27-Apr-17Good stuff!!!

$50.00 received from Leah Blackburn on 27-Apr-17I hope they let you out babe! If not I promise I'll visit ;) xo

$20.00 received from Patricia Thomas on 27-Apr-17Good Work Alana!! Hope you all have fun and this is the closest you will ever get to being behind bars!! ha ha ha

$20.00 received from Jayson Hall on 27-Apr-17Find me a jail husband!!

$50.00 received from Aspect Accountants & Advisors on 27-Apr-17Good luck and great cause.

$20.00 received from Holly Bamborough on 27-Apr-17LARNEY - don't drop the soap!

$10.00 received from Jodie McGaw on 26-Apr-17Have fun guys :) xx

$100.00 received from Jim McGaw on 26-Apr-17This is the last time I bail you!!!!

$50.00 received from Karen Allen on 26-Apr-17Hopefully it's not a long sentence. X

$25.00 received from Ree F on 25-Apr-17Good work lani! Love ree and vince xx

$25.00 received from Isabel Taylor on 25-Apr-17Good luck have fun xx

$40.00 received from Steph Hutson on 24-Apr-17Good luck Lanz! Sorry I can't be there getting locked up with you! Xx

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