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Bail Raised $1020
Target Bail $1000
Rennie Matos, Cathy
The Good Guys (Captain)

The Good Guys

Doing Good is in our DNA and an integral part of what it means to be a Good Guy. We believe in enhancing the well-being of Australians through initiatives, actions and organisations that have a positive and sustainable impact on people who need it most in our local communities. We are proud to have Whitelion as one of our valued charity partners and support the Whitelion Bail Out as the work they do really does change the lives of at-risk youth.

$20.00 received from Verity Clough on 26-May-17Good luck Cathy!!

$70.00 received from Naomi Smith on 25-May-17Congratulations Cathy, you have been granted Bail. Xo Naomi

$25.00 received from John Bissinella on 24-May-17

$10.00 received from Geoff Rice on 23-May-17

$300.00 received from Jeanette Rennie on 23-May-17Don't stay toooo long

$50.00 received from Daniel Wypych on 17-May-17I have been assured that this donation will go towards keeping you behind bars.......

$20.00 received from Ann Jopling on 15-May-17Hope this helps 'to set you free' !!

$200.00 received from The Good Guys on 08-May-17

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 01-May-17Good on you Cathy. Worthy cause. Don't stay though!!

$25.00 received from Andrew Robinson on 01-May-17Great cause - hope you make bail!

$200.00 received from Filipe Matos on 21-Apr-17Have fun in gaol again Cathy! Such a great cause!

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