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Bail Raised $310
Target Bail $1000


BECKETT- a classic recidivist who once terrorised the people of Bendigo and now skulks around the streets of Melbourne. A well-known lurcher, he has often , also, been wanted for property damage and possum stalking and has often been taken home in the back of a divi van. Beckett has vowed to "go straight" , given the chance, if he can help young people more vulnerable than himself. Beckett is from an Animal Shelter -so he knows what it's like to be vulnerable - please don't let him remain in prison!

$30.00 received from Joelle Lecordier on 29-May-17I have been in your shoes once . I experienced first hand what it is to be in that prison . I was so glad my sponsors came through and bailed me out . Really appreciate what whitelion is doing in our community.

$20.00 received from William Chamberlain on 25-May-17Hey Beckett, Best of luck with turning things around and getting away from the bark side! judging by your profile picture you seem to have had a ruff life.

$100.00 received from Teamsolution for Small Business on 16-May-17Beckett, I hope everyone will get on board to donate to bail you out!!! You don't deserve this - you should be out there enjoying sunshine!!!

$50.00 received from DAVID PENMAN on 10-May-17BIT HARSH FOR A "WEE PEE" ON THE CARPET

$10.00 received from Rachael Henderson on 08-May-17Hilarious!!! Warmest, Rachael :)

$100.00 received from Brian Jones on 22-Apr-17Seems nobody is helping you -can't stand by and let a poor dog remain in prison.

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