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Bail Raised $4850
Target Bail $5000
Barker, Anne (AKA Big Dog)

Raising money to help an amazing organisation to deliver critical services to disadvantaged young people

$100.00 received from Zorana Bull on 22-May-17Fabulous charity - hope the bail amount is reached soon!

$100.00 received from Geoff Gardiner on 21-May-17She's dodgy

$100.00 received from Geoff Gardiner on 21-May-17She's dodgy

$100.00 received from Helen Millicer on 17-May-17On target to get bail, but what will the judge and jury say?

$500.00 received from Jane Barker on 17-May-17Good luck!

$100.00 received from LeadWest on 16-May-17Whitelion does great work in Melbourne's west

$1000.00 received from Susan McCarthy on 14-May-17

$150.00 received from FIDUN Pty Ltd on 13-May-17All the best Anne with 'getting out'!, kind regards Fiona

$100.00 received from Andrew Beal on 11-May-17

$100.00 received from Mary Beth Bauer on 10-May-17Have fun, what a great cause. Hope to see you soon! x

$250.00 received from Christine OReilly on 10-May-17

$500.00 received from Lucerne Investment Partners on 09-May-17Great work, Anne! Best wishes from the team at Lucerne Investment Partners

$500.00 received from Caroline and Jamie Odell on 09-May-17Good luck Big Dog!

$50.00 received from John Barker on 09-May-17

$200.00 received from MITZI GILLIGAN on 08-May-17Obviously a repeat offender!

$1000.00 received from Anonymous on 30-Apr-17

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