Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $921
Target Bail $1000
Routley, Bryce (AKA Clyde)
Bonnie & Clyde (Captain)

Bryce Routley Home Services

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$25.00 received from Jake Forrest on 21-May-17

$25.00 received from Don Butt on 21-May-17

$10.00 received from Anonymous on 21-May-17Donation

$50.00 received from Kevin Rogers on 21-May-17

$50.00 received from Phil Ledgard on 20-May-17You mongrel, getting my sister in goal on her birthday. Get her out , I will deal with you later.

$100.00 received from Brendan Routley on 19-May-17You'd better hurry up and get out of gaol, I need you to finish the jobs you've started!

$50.00 received from Steve Routley on 18-May-17You look good in orange.

$100.00 received from Bryce (Chris) Routley on 18-May-17Can't believe you got us into this sorry mess Clyde, and I have to spend my birthday in gaol! You had better make it up to me when we get out!

$25.00 received from Frank & Thelma Ledgard on 18-May-17You didn't plan your wife's birthday very well did you?! You're in our bad books!

$25.00 received from Dennis & Lyn Jarrett on 18-May-17Didn't you learn your lesson last year!

$91.00 received from Salvo's Men's Shed on 17-May-17Hope they let you out Bryce!

$20.00 received from Berry-Smith Family on 17-May-17Good Luck! Hope you get out.

$25.00 received from Andrew & Wilma Hamilton on 17-May-17Hope you get out. If not, we'll see you in a month?

$50.00 received from Steve and Mudie Howarth Howarth on 15-May-17Give the place a coat of paint while you're there Bryce - it could do with it

$50.00 received from David Medlock on 15-May-17Keep In In....He's Guilty Your Honour

$50.00 received from Anonymous on 11-May-17Clyde. I see you are lagging behind raising your bail. Bonnie will be out before you at this rate!

$25.00 received from Paul & Barbara Madden on 10-May-17I think if they kept you in there for more than a few hours you will have started a Mens Shed.

$50.00 received from Sue Watt on 09-May-17Well done Bryce. Have a great time ????????

$50.00 received from Rob & Judy HOWIE on 08-May-17do they allow fraternization between inmates?

$25.00 received from Denise McCormack on 08-May-17Bryce surely you could have taken Chris somewhere more romantic for her birthday. But at least it is unique and you are together.

$25.00 received from Terry & Cheryl Williams on 08-May-17Good work Bryce....hope Chris forgives you for taking her to jail for her Birthday.

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