Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $5946
Target Bail $10000
Dunn, Cameron (AKA Camma)
Transport Torts (Captain)
King Pin

FBT Transwest

This year the VTA is locking up their President in order to raise vital funds for Whitelion and the work they do to support disadvantaged youth at risk

$1000.00 received from FrontStream Asia Pacific on 30-Jun-17

$200.00 received from Anonymous on 26-May-17Is this a Gail for ugly people?

$250.00 received from CC Containers P/L on 23-May-17Well done Cameron. Must say the stripes suit you :)

$250.00 received from Prime Creative Media on 23-May-17Well done Cam, Always do the hard yards for a good cause! JM and the team @ Prime Creative Media

$100.00 received from Trimble on 23-May-17Well done

$100.00 received from Public Relations Exchange on 23-May-17All the best Cameron - from the team at PRX.

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 22-May-17Cameron, great cause and good luck with the lock up.

$500.00 received from FBT Transwest Pty Ltd on 17-May-17Good Luck Cameron

$500.00 received from Secon Freight Logistics on 16-May-17Cameron good work in supporting the VTA as well as White lion. A very worthwhile cause.

$100.00 received from Rod Hind Service Centre on 15-May-17If you happen not to make a bail, i'll bring you a cake Good job, great cause

$200.00 received from Bruce Forsyth on 15-May-17Go well Cameron

$200.00 received from Peter O'Shannessy on 15-May-17Lock him up until the Tigers win one!

$200.00 received from RSM Group Pty Ltd on 15-May-17

$2246.50 received from VTA on 11-May-17Funds raised at VTA event

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