Inmate Profile

Bail Raised $2090
Target Bail $5000
Pearce, Gary (AKA Shifty)

Hyundai Motor Company Australia

To support Whitelion and the great work they are doing to support disadvantaged youth at risk in our community

$20.00 received from Yvonne Kemp on 22-Jun-17

$1000.00 received from Hyundai Motor Company Australia on 19-Jun-17

$200.00 received from Harrison Hyundai on 24-May-17

$30.00 received from Howard Mitchell on 22-May-17Gaz I hope you raise enough money to get out of the cell - otherwise Bad luck ha ha keep up the good work !!!!!

$50.00 received from AIMEE HINTSANEN on 22-May-17Do we really want to bail you out? I guess we should :-) Good work Gary!

$20.00 received from Peter Paproth on 19-May-17Good job GP

$20.00 received from Charles Xerri on 18-May-17

$50.00 received from Michael Sparks on 18-May-17I knew the law would catch up with you eventually!

$50.00 received from Louise Baker on 17-May-17I was toying with the idea of leaving you in there, but decided against it!

$50.00 received from VSV Car Sales on 17-May-17Behind bars again. Nothing your not used too! LOL.

$50.00 received from Tony Reynolds on 17-May-17Your a Disgrace Pearce A!

$50.00 received from Stewart MacDonald on 17-May-17Snitches get stitches !!

$100.00 received from Anthony cowell on 17-May-17ONLY $5,000.00 FOR IMPERSONATING A FLEET MANAGER ?

$50.00 received from Danny De Chalain on 17-May-17I would have been happy to pay more to keep you in there! Cheers, for a good cause

$50.00 received from Garry Dalton on 17-May-17Would prefer to keep you in.

$50.00 received from Gary Brown on 17-May-17Hope they are looking after you in there!!!

$50.00 received from Louise Guest on 17-May-17Well done GP, anything to keep you off the streets! :-)

$50.00 received from Garry Jones on 17-May-17If target is not reached do you stay in?

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 17-May-17enough GET OUT

$50.00 received from Alan Tey on 17-May-17Keep up the good work

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