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Bail Raised $1360
Target Bail $1000
van Smeerdijk, James (AKA James)


I've been working at PwC on a report on Indigenous incarceration in Australia over recent months, and its a national disgrace, including many young people. I wanted to do something to bring attention to this issue and also help our Whitelion who do such a good job.

$100.00 received from Andrew Weekes on 31-May-17Looking forward to see if you get in costume and the pics.

$100.00 received from Richard Shackcloth on 30-May-17

$250.00 received from Martin Stokie on 27-May-17He's done his time.

$100.00 received from Zac Hatzantonis on 26-May-17Go Hawks! Tigers turn tomorrow night ????

$150.00 received from Marty Jovic on 26-May-17Good Luck JvS!

$30.00 received from Eve Buckley on 26-May-17Dead man walking... ;-)

$100.00 received from Anonymous on 26-May-17

$30.00 received from Nick Robinson on 26-May-17You look guilty.....but everyone deserves the presumption of innocence

$50.00 received from Amanda Sinden on 26-May-17Innocent til proven guilty... hang in there JvS!

$50.00 received from Catherine Jones on 26-May-17A great cause James - lets hope the report does some good!

$20.00 received from Joreen Blackmore on 26-May-17You are doing AmAzInG work James!!!

$20.00 received from Onkar Kale on 25-May-17All the best James!

$50.00 received from Mike Sum on 25-May-17Good on you James. A great cause.

$50.00 received from Jean Roux on 25-May-17Hope they let you out again James!

$75.00 received from Lisa Simpson on 25-May-17Wow. So according to your PwC report on indigenous incarceration, the $1,000 in bail wouldn't even cover the cost of one day of youth detention! Surely there are better ways to use that money! Lisa

$150.00 received from Kate Eriksson on 25-May-17It's possible you actually DID do something to get yourself there.. and there's a great story, but since it's a serious cause.. Thanks for raising this important issue James.

$15.00 received from marishka cross on 22-May-17Hang in there James, we'll get you out!

$20.00 received from Nishaan Newsome on 22-May-17He's innocent! Free JvS!

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